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Hey what’s up?
Thanks for being here (yay) and taking the time to learn more about us, about what Tethys is and what we are doing.

In a few days, Tethys will launch its crowdfunding platform dedicated to finance every projects related to ecology, ethics and sustainability.

Why such a selectivity in our concept?
The actual economy and world business development are not enough focused and concentrated on sustainable projects, with transparent and long terms values.
We are not politicians (at all) – but we think that climate change, biodiversity preservation, ethical values and sustainable development are common aspects we should hold together. It already exists a large quantity of crowdfunding platforms for every kind of projects, and the ones contributing to ecological aspects are not for donations ( or for very specific projects). Tethys is funding EVERYTHING you can imagine.

Financing very beautiful projects thanks to a community was our big idea. To attract and make people involved in great visions that will innovate quickly. The preservation of our habitat goes through a mutual/global respect of our planet, residents and species.
Funding projects (in)directly representing a common interest, with the help of the community is the beginning.

Tethys is the starting point of a long development. A smart process that will make Finance massively helping and pushing the energy transition. Nowadays, nothing can’t be 100% done without financial means. It’s our duty in Tethys, to find these means and send them to the right directions (sustainable, ethical and ecological projects). According to international studies :  transforming and changing whats already exists into more sustainable concepts, represents a business based on trillions of dollars with an increasing employment level, ethical working conditions and long terms visions.

Turning point.
2016 has been recognized as one of the hottest years on Earth, with more frequent natural disasters, climatic refugees increasing, and animal-plant species disappearing too quickly.
Waiting represents a too great danger for our survival. That is why our actions and objectives must be reviewed, rethought and improved. For the most financial of us, waiting and doing nothing represents huge losses of capital, considerable insurances to be sustained, economies lost forever and geo-political (and therefore economic) conflicts becoming more and more frequent.

For all of this, we made Tethys real, but it will live thanks to you. 


Thanks for reading !

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Tethys team #tethysme