Wave energy 5X more efficient than other technologies

Because the Ωcean is always in motion, wave energy could potentially be more efficient than solar or wind, both of which suffer in less-than-reliable conditions. Wave energy generation is just as clean as solar and wind, too, with zero carbon dioxide emissions. So far, a one-half scale model of the wave energy converter has passed tank tests with flying colors, and the CorPower team is heading out to open waters later this year for field tests of its game-changing technology.

Wave energy, the concept is relatively new and technologies are still a bit rudimentary (and expensive), especially when it comes to large-scale energy generation. CorPower Ocean, based in Sweden, has developed a buoy that is surprisingly productive. One small buoy can generate enough electricity from the ocean to power 200 homes. Imagine what a farm full of floating buoys could do.


At just 26 feet wide, CorPower’s buoy is small in comparison to other wave energy generators. The company says their floating orange buoys are  5X more efficient than the next competing technology, due to the addition of phase-controlled oscillation which makes high energy density possible.


By setting up farms where hundreds of buoys would simultaneously generate clean electricity, CorPower estimates as much as 20 percent of the total electricity on Earth could be supplied through wave energy.


Source : CorPower